About me and my motivations

I have always been interested in voting processes. I can remember reading about voting reforms in California, led by then Governor Schwarzenegger, when I was still pretty young. This interest has become a side passion as the impact of voting processes on American democracy and politics has been growing.

Need to tackle the root cause issues

I am an engineer by training, and I love problem solving. True problem solving requires digging for root causes of issues, and not just observing the symptoms. The polarization of the political discourse is a symptom… but the root causes rest in how the voting processes are set-up. For instance, the current ‘winner takes all’ logic which underpins most of the 2-party voting systems encourages partisanship.
Low voting participation, and the deep contempt which Americans have for their “representatives”, are a symptom of the disconnect between voters and the elected class… but technical and boring voting issues are often a big part of the root cause. Recurring issues around vote counts, like the infamous ‘hanging chads’, can’t help citizens feel like their vote counts!

My jobs have allowed me to live and work in diverse fields and locations in the US and abroad: I have worked on fixing problems in oil and gas, automotive and tech companies, on projects big and small. I have experienced the cold Boston winters, the warmth of Alabama college towns, the sunshine of the Gulf Coast and innovation of the Bay Area in California. I have met warm and welcoming Americans of colors, stripes and convictions along the way, and believe that we have far more in common than there is divides us.

RV travels in Yellowstone

Outside of work and public policy, I am also a nature enthusiast and love the outdoors. I recently had fun travelling in Yellowstone, Wyoming in the summer of 2017.
I have two young children and my hope is that these blogs will ultimately help shape a better future for them.