Kids and politics today

My 8 and 11 year old kids are already amazingly aware of what is happening in the world of politics. This always surprises me. I certainly don’t remember having much of a political conscience at their age. I was too busy fighting with my brother and trying to avoid my chores to be aware of the world of politics!

My kids advice for my blog

I asked my kids for ideas to get more traction on my political blog. My son is actually pretty savvy with blogs. He has set-up his own blog on cats, and has been getting regular visits already.
His first recommendation is to add some cat pictures, because ‘everybody loves them’ and ‘it’s more fun than voting processes’. I have to admit that he’s got a point.

Apparently, pictures of cats can only improve blogs!

We shall see how effective a picture of one of our playful cats turns out to be to drive traction on this site…

Kids and politics today

That being said, we do live in unusual times. Kids today seem to have a political conscience much earlier than previously. This is probably due to information being everywhere and more distributed than decades ago. They do have a whole world of information at their fingerprints through their screentime.
My son had asked to watch the 2016 presidential debates (and we watched a couple of them together). More recently, he wrote to our Senator and asked for action on Net Neutrality – he was very upset by the changes being pursued by the FCC.
My daughter surprised me in in 2016 when she became a staunch support of ‘the girl’ during the Democratic primaries. She jumped up and down and fist-pumped when Secretary Clinton won the primaries. Fortunately, she seems to have moved on from politics after the election. Probably just biding her time… I certainly hope that she’ll yet have the experience of a female leader in our country before her adulthood. Her temporary interest definitely showed the power of visible female leadership to inspire and uplift little girls.

Please comment and let me know if you are seeing the same elevated interest in politics with your children (or not!)