Use the debt limit negotiations to fight for democracy

With the upcoming debt limit negotiations, Democrats have a little power in Washington again. And some Democratic leaders have been threatening to shutdown the government, unless a solution is found for the dreamers.

However, as the Republicans themselves have pointed out: that’s not a winning strategy! Not matter how just the cause, choosing to shutdown the government to the benefit of non-citizens will not resonate with Americans worried about bread and butter issues. This approach would play right into the hands of those who want to say that Democrats don’t care about ordinary, hard working Americans…
Furthermore, it’s too early. The pressure to act isn’t yet on, since DACA is still in place until end of March.

Use the debt limit negotiations to fight for democracy

Democrats should try to leverage the vote on the debt limit: our democracy is in danger and must be protected.

Restrictions on registration, targeted purges of voter rolls, surgical gerrymandering and paperless and un-auditable ballot systems are tilting the playing field to structurally favor Republicans.
This is an unacceptable corruption of democracy!

Specifically, the Democrats should utilize the debt limit increase to demand:
Sufficient funding for the census and bipartisan oversight of the process
– Automatic Voter Registration for all federal elections
– Restoration of the Voting Rights Act
– Assigning funds to modernize all the voting systems across the US in time for 2018 federal elections: all systems must have traceability through paper ballots allowing to audit and verify actual votes

This would create the outline of a new Voting Rights Act

Each of these items is in the interest of the nation, worthy of a shutdown threat and fight. And can be presented to the American public as such.